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About MPE

Mold Precision Engineering, Inc. is a service company providing CUSTOM MOLDS and MOLDING for all industries.

Mold Precision Engineering, Inc. was started in 1970 as a mold building shop. Primarily serving the connector and optical sensor industry, it wasn’t long before compression and transfer molding was added. It soon became apparent that there was a need for a custom injection molder capable of running MPE’s molds with the same quality and care that they were built with, thus starting MPE’s injection molding department. MPE’s experience has always been with engineering resins. Glass filled polycarbonates and PBT polyesters as well as polysulfones, nylons, and polyphenylene sulfides are what we cut our teeth on. Hardened steel tooling is a must for these materials, and that has always been our specialty.

Since 1986, Mold Precision Engineering, Inc. has been located in Simi Valley, California. A state of the art 14,000 sq ft facility houses our Engineering, Tooling, Molding, and Quality Control.

Today, Mold Precision has the capabilities to build molds for everything from single shot aluminum prototype molds to multi cavity hardened steel molds. Our materials range from commodity resins to ultra exotic thermoplastic and thermo set resins that can withstand continuous use at 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our presses range from 28 tons to 250 tons giving us the capability to mold up to 29 oz. parts. Our equipment is state of the art. Our Quality Assurance maintains tight control over our process assuring you that the product you receive will meet your specifications.

Send us your drawings, or better yet come see us and take a tour. We are confident we can help you achieve the solution.