Molds and Design

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We design and build our molds in house because we think American made matters. Using Solidworks and Cimatron software, we can design and build your molds to function exactly as expected. Part design, moldmaking, and molding go hand in hand. We are often called into the customer’s design process because they know that we can bring our experience to their design. The result of this is an efficient process that makes superior plastic parts. Send us your CAD files and we can work directly from them. Send us a napkin sketch and we can work from that too, but in that case, you’ll have to help a little bit.

Our capabilities range from prototype mold inserts to pre-hardened steel molds to heat treated steel, high production molds. We can make jigs and fixtures, too. We build your molds on the best equipment available, by the best mold makers around.

Preventative maintenance is just as important to your existing molds as their initial design. With our SPC monitoring, your molds will actually improve with time. As surfaces wear, we replace or repair them, often times bringing them closer to your nominal dimensions. We don’t wait until an out of tolerance condition develops because we can see it coming. Sometimes we repair or replace parts at no charge just to improve our Process Capability (CpK). Take a look at our Quality Control page to see about our results.

Mold considerations can include draft, gating, ejection, cooling, warping, shrink factor, tolerance, texture, flow lines, knit lines, undercuts, snap fits, living hinges, rib thickness, boss thickness, sink marks, and design for mechanical and/or ultrasonic assembly. For all their benefits, there are a lot of things to consider when using plastic parts in your products. That is why we have an exhaustive check list we use for each new mold to ensure that we identify and avoid these problems. Let us help make it easy for you and make you look good at the same time. Please continue on to our Molding page to see our capabilities or feel free to skip to our Quality Control page.