Our injection molding capabilities range from 28 tons to 250 tons and up to 29 oz. We can process materials from the easy ones like ABS and HDPE to the very strong and high temperature ones like Polysulfone and Polyetherimide. Glass, long glass, mineral, carbon fiber, or stainless steel filled materials are no problem for us. Our thermoset capabilities range up to 40 tons on our thermoset injection molders and up to 100 tons on our transfer presses.

Many years ago, our primary focus shifted from mold making to molding. It was a natural progression. We’ve heard too many stories about the mold maker blaming the molder, and visa versa, for bad parts. We’ve never had that problem. Whether we build your mold or you transfer it to us, molding starts out with a complete first article submitted to you for your approval. Key characteristics are chosen to be monitored at this time. From then on, our SPC monitoring makes sure your parts get the attention they deserve. See our Quality Control section to see just how good we are and how we do it.