Customer project tour & testimonial : Magic Brush Saver

Magic Brush Saver, Mold Design & Molding Project

Magic Brush Saver, Mold Design & Molding Project

Check out the new project tour & testimonial video with Ray Hepinstall of the Magic Brush Saver.  The video below tells a little bit about the Molding process as well as Ray’s experience at Mold Precision Engineering.

The Project : Magic Brush Saver

The Magic Brush Saver is a clever invention that you can attach to any brush and allows you to properly rest the brush on the side of a bucket to keep it out of the paint.  The Magic Brush Saver was intended for professional and DIY use — and helps save you time & money on new brushes.

Ray Hepinstall, was inspired to invent the Magic Brush Saver while working as a professional painter over 30 years.  He invented the Magic Brush Saver to keep the brush where it belongs – near the paint.  Being of creative character, Ray is has been a musician since he was 12 years old – click here to check out his music.

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MPE started in 1969 as a mold making shop — the four circles in our logo stand for four place precision (.0001”) in our molds.  Our hyper efficient operation gets you the best possible pricing and the combined experience of our staff makes you look good when your project comes out exactly as expected, and on time.

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