Mold Precision is proud of Flex Knit Needles’ Innovations Finalist Award at the Creativation Show

Patented Ergonomic Bendable Straight Knitting Needles! “Replace Straights With Flex Knit”

Flex Knit Needles was an innovations finalist at the – awarded by the Association of Creative Industry at the Creativation Show.

Marlene Tabibian, client of Mold Precision and inventor of Flex Knit: a patented, flexible and ergonomic straight knitting needle designed to improve comfort during knitting by enabling bending with resiliency at the wrist level.

Patented Ergonomic Bendable Straight Knitting Needles!

Flex Knit knitting needles were designed to improve comfort.   The flexibility aids to relieve discomfort from continued motion of fingers, hands, wrists, and arms.

Marlene says, “I have developed and patented a straight knitting needle with the ability to bend at the wrist level. It is made of plastic so it remains warm to the touch. The flexibility aids to relieve pain, tiredness, and tenderness from repetitive knitting motion, as well as accommodate tight spaces. The idea was born out of a wrist injury I sustained.”

“Replace Straights With Flex Knit”

We are proud of our creative clients and their achievements.

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