MIT is probably the country’s premier University for Engineering. Their reputation for cultivating great minds with world changing ideas is unparalleled. You are probably wondering how I have the right to put Mold Precision Engineering’s name next to the name of such a great learning institution. I’m glad you asked because now I can show you my summer vacation photos and tell you “what I did on my summer vacation”.

One summer, I took my family on vacation to Boston, Massachusetts. It is a beautiful town with centuries of history. We saw where our country’s founders first read the Declaration of Independence. We walked the “Freedom Trail” where, in one day, you can see 16 locations of pivotal moments in our nation’s history like Paul Revere’s ride, the Old North Church and the Boston Tea Party.

We also visited Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Of course I could not resist walking the halls of the engineering buildings reading the signs like Robotics Laboratory and wondering what new and wonderful things they were working on. My family and I then walked over to their museum to see what they had on display. They had displays of both simple and complex inventions and how they evolved over time. Polaroid cameras, holograms, mechanically functioning artworks, and robots were some of the items on display. The atmosphere was full of the inspiration that created those inventions and the years that went into fine tuning of them into the way we see and use them today. Seeing those accomplishments of engineering and inspiration displayed against the timeline of past and present, I could not help but ponder on what the future has in store for us.

We were on the last room of displays, and I was pretty sure I was pushing the limits of my family’s interest, when I saw it. A dazzling display of great wonder and excitement. Under a glass case befitting the Hope Diamond, was one of our injection molded parts. And just like that I had one of those vacation magical moments where my family’s interest peaked and my children were overcome by adoration for their father and his great accomplishments. I’m just kidding, they gave it the appropriate 5 seconds and moved on to the video game display next to it. My wife was very supportive though and thoughtful enough to remind me to capture the moment in a photograph.

Now I don’t claim to be the inventor of the aircraft collision avoidance system it was part of, but I really enjoy knowing that MPE did and continues to be part of that product. Knowing that MIT chose to acknowledge the product in their museum gave me the greatest feeling of validation. I don’t know if Mold Precision Engineering is the country’s premier Injection Molder worthy of the status MIT has, but this summer vacation brought me one step closer to that validation, at least in my mind.