, Recognized as NASA Top 10 Innovation, NASA Top 10 Innovation

In March of 2019, motionMounts was recognized as a NASA Top 10 Innovation.    Mold Precision Engineering takes pride in seeing our client successes

The Project : motionMounts

Established in 2011, a Utility Patent was issued to inventor, Jeffry Voorhees for the first mounting solution to support the use of an iPad®.

Over the years, motionMounts has evolved from music to other industries including software imaging & photography equipment. Having a tablet mount that looks aesthetically pleasing when the tablet is not mounted has been the narrative and main design element of this product.

“Music education is a very important principle, and is the catalyst that started a journey of Patents, injection plastic mold designs, tooling and manufacturing through a local plastics company, Mold Precision Engineering. In turn, selling a reliable wholesale product distributed by various companies.”

During our development phase, we found it problematic to interact in a close manner with a Tablet when it is mounted in a fixed position. The ergonomics are controlled in relationship to where the device is anchored. With the help of this mount, is now possible to hold the device and seamlessly attach or remove it in a secure manner.    Any work application that requires a Tablet with hands free accessibility will benefit from motion Mounts uncompromising superior design.

The inventor, Jeffry Voorhees obtained his Bachelors of Arts in Communications Studies from Sacramento State University.  From there, he has worked in the entertainment industry — “Working on film crews in the Motion Picture Industry has given me a unique outlook on product development & human centered design”.   Jeffry’s work in the entertainment industry, including the fast paced behind the scenes environment has provided a framework for Jeffry to aid in manifesting his elite designs for motionMounts.

motionMounts products have been featured on the shelves of Samy’s Camera, B&H, Guitar Center as well as Amazon.


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